Attention: Real Estate Investors...


"Mortgage Assignment" is a dangerous, deceptive and short-term strategy. Use it at your own risk.

When I started hearing about the "Mortgage Assignment" strategy being promoted by real estate gurus, I was alarmed.

When I saw how these gurus were glossing over the real risks- to the buyer, seller, and "broker" - inherent in this strategy, I was appalled.

Before you attempt to do one of these so-called "mortgage assignment" deals, download and carefully listen to an interview I did recently with a former HUD investigator, where we lay out in plain language the risks involved.

And there are many risks.

Register below to get immediate access to this 46-minute, pure-content call. Listen to the guy who trains HUD compliance officers about fraudulent practices, and then decide whether this approach makes sense for you.

In this call recording, you'll learn:

  • How "mortgage assignment" is a new name for an old practice
  • The competing interests of the 3 parties involved and the role of the "investor"
  • The all-important issue of insurance fraud that no one is addressing
  • The risks of acting like an agent
  • The incurability of "due-on-sale" violations
  • What constitutes a predatory scheme and whether "mortgage assignment" fits the definition (and our guest should know--he investigated 600 cases for HUD, many of them hinging on this question)

Listen in to this content-packed, 46-minute
interview on the serious risks of "Mortgage Assignment" before even considering doing one of these deals.

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Here's a quick bio of our special guest:

  • National expert concerning fair lending, fair housing, predatory lending, insurance redlining, testing and diversity marketing.
  • Currently conducts fair housing/fair lending training to HUD Investigators and other federal and state regulators.
  • Provides industry consultation regarding federal and state compliance programs including self-testing and monitoring, quality assurance, loss mitigation, and fraud-related issues.